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  Oxley College Cricket Club  
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Season Grade Grade Type Match Format 
110096709312224352152813100*Connor Taylor-HelmeOxley College2015/2016HDCA Under 14's4 1Oxley White College
2749670931222435215281674*Connor Taylor-HelmeOxley College2015/2016HDCA Under 14's5 2Moss Vale
3746805221222435215281674D'Arcy GottersonOxley College2015/2016HDCA Under 14's5 2Moss Vale
4628446391222435209457662Oliver ClarkOxley College2015/2016Division Two10 1St Patricks College
5609670931222435215280860Connor Taylor-HelmeOxley College2015/2016HDCA Under 14's3 1Oxley Blue College
65810793231222435209457358Nicholas WilsonOxley College2015/2016Division Two9 1St Stanislaus College
7579670931222435215281657Connor Taylor-HelmeOxley College2015/2016HDCA Under 14's5 1Moss Vale
8526807061222435215281352Joshua MazurkiewiczOxley White College2015/2016HDCA Under 14's4 1Oxley College
9518211741222435209458351Ben CanuteOxley College2015/2016Division Three2 1Central Coast Grammar School
10518047131222435209459451Lachlan SchereckOxley College2015/2016Division Three6 1Blue Mountains Grammar School
115112951771222435215282951Thomas RappOxley White College2015/2016HDCA Under 14's8 1Oxley Blue College
12506807061222435215282950Joshua MazurkiewiczOxley White College2015/2016HDCA Under 14's8 1Oxley Blue College
13509670931222435215282050*Connor Taylor-HelmeOxley College2015/2016HDCA Under 14's6 1Chevalier College
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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22 Aug 16
3 Aug 16
Umpires Wanted !!!
23 Aug 16
ACT/NSW Country Side Chosen for the National Under 17s Championships
2 Aug 16
Expressions of Interest Sought for Coaching Roles NSW Country Team - Male and Female
29 Jul 16
Western Zone Stalwart Greg Morrissey Honoured with Field Naming
7 Jun 16
Senior Coaching Positions - Cricket Illawarra
Chevalier College 8/231(dec) and 7/84 def Oxley College 8/161(cc) 
Oxley White College 4/207(dec) and 4/68(cc) def Oxley Blue College 9/267(cc) 
St Patricks College 103 def by Oxley College 162 
Oxley College 50 def by St Gregory's Campbelltown  0/59 
Players Wanted!
If you would like to play Cricket for Oxley College please contact Mr Peter Craig (ISA) or Mr Tim Dibdin (HDCA)
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