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Hall of Fame - Batting

Season Grade Grade Type Match Format 
11367968598324351655131136Alister S MarnochOxley College2013/2014Division Three8 1Blue Mountains Grammar School
21167470228324351655131116Luther CanuteOxley College2013/2014Division Three8 1Blue Mountains Grammar School
31048211928324351646987104Charlie DummerOxley College2013/2014H.D.C.A Under 16"s8 1Trinity Catholic College
41038446398324351655984103*Oliver ClarkOxley Gold2013/2014HDCA Under 14's3 1Oxley Navy
51038446488324351656000103*Ravi WikramanayakeOxley White2013/2014HDCA Under 14's9 1Mittagong
694747022832435165512194*Luther CanuteOxley College2013/2014Division Three6 1St Andrews Cathedral School
789844648832435165598289Ravi WikramanayakeOxley White2013/2014HDCA Under 14's3 1Bowral
886821192832435164696186Charlie DummerOxley College2013/2014H.D.C.A Under 16"s1 1Chevalier College
980796859832435165512180Alister S MarnochOxley College2013/2014Division Three6 1St Andrews Cathedral School
1065747022832435165510565*Luther CanuteOxley College2013/2014Division Three2 1St Stanislaus College
1159821192832435164696959Charlie DummerOxley College2013/2014H.D.C.A Under 16"s3 1Goulburn CHS Black
12581081549832435165598258*D'Arcy DeitzOxley White2013/2014HDCA Under 14's3 1Bowral
1358844639832435165600558Oliver ClarkOxley Gold2013/2014HDCA Under 14's10 1Mittagong
14571081549832435165600057D'Arcy DeitzOxley White2013/2014HDCA Under 14's9 1Mittagong
1557823682832435165598457Oscar JardineOxley Gold2013/2014HDCA Under 14's3 1Oxley Navy
1656821174832435165599256*Ben CanuteOxley White2013/2014HDCA Under 14's6 1Bowral
1754796859832435165512554Alister S MarnochOxley College2013/2014Division Three7 1Blue Mountains Grammar School
18531099340832435165511153Zac MoranOxley College2013/2014Division Three3 1St Paul's Grammar School B
1953804713832435164697653Lachlan SchereckOxley College2013/2014H.D.C.A Under 16"s5 1Robertson
2053844648832435165597853*Ravi WikramanayakeOxley White2013/2014HDCA Under 14's1 1Mittagong
2152821223832435165598652Andrew GuyOxley Navy2013/2014HDCA Under 14's4 1Oxley White
2251908440832435165598451Campbell de MontenasOxley Navy2013/2014HDCA Under 14's3 1Oxley Gold
2351747022832435165513751*Luther CanuteOxley College2013/2014Division Three10 1The Scots School
2450892304832435165599350*Harry NormanOxley Navy2013/2014HDCA Under 14's6 1Oxley Gold
2550844639832435165599950Oliver ClarkOxley Gold2013/2014HDCA Under 14's8 1Oxley White
2650844648832435165598650Ravi WikramanayakeOxley White2013/2014HDCA Under 14's4 2Oxley Navy
2750844648832435165599050*Ravi WikramanayakeOxley White2013/2014HDCA Under 14's5 1Oxley Gold
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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7 Jul 14
Wests Illawarra Player Opportunities (Captain and Tertiary Scholarships)
4 Apr 14
Annual Country Dinner and AGM
4 Jul 14
Crookwell/Goulburn/Highlands Regional Academy Squad
4 Jul 14
Shoalhaven/South Coast Regional Academy Squad
4 Jul 14
Far South Coast Regional Academy Squad
5 Jan 15
Kookaburra Cup Carnival
11 Jan 15
SCG Country Cup Final
8 Feb 15
Under 14 and Under 16 State Club Challenge
Goulburn CHS Red 246 drew Oxley College  
Bowral 4/198(dec) def Oxley Navy 132 and 4/95(cc) 
Chevalier College 6/190 def Oxley Gold 5/189(cc) 
St Stanislaus College 101 def Oxley College 54 
Players Wanted!
If you would like to play Cricket for Oxley College please contact Mr Peter Craig (ISA) or Mr Tim Dibdin (HDCA)
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